U12 How to install driver

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Steps are as follows:
1.Insert wireless network card in the USB port of your computer.
2.Install driver.
3.Connect wireless signal.
Take windows 7 system for instance:

说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\8.png

Plug network card in USB interface of computer directly or connect network card and computer with USB extension cable.


说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\5.png
1. Please plug CD in CD driver of computer and double click “my computer” icon on desktop. Find CD-DVD and right click and select open, then find “Setup.exe” as below and double click to run program installation.
说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\U12图片\1.png
2.If your computer don’t have CD driver, please download network card driver from Tenda official website (//wifi.tenda.com.cn). When you finish download, please unzip it and double click folder and find “Setup.exe and double click it to run program installation.
说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\U12图片\2.png
3. Click “Install Now” and it will start installation.

说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\U12图片\3.png

说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\U12图片\4.png
4.Installation completed, you can connect WIFI signal and access Internet. (if you select restart now, please save file on your computer first)

说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\U12图片\5.png

说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\7.png
The first method: use UI of network card to connect WIFI signal. 
说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\U12图片\6.png
The second method: use system wireless search list to connect WIFI signal.
说明: C:\Users\user\Desktop\U12图片\7.png

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