U2-Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which OS can U2 support?
A1: Support Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
Q2: What’s meaning of free driver?
A2: Built-in drive, no CD-ROM installation, no need to download the driver installation
Q3: Can U2 be used in MAC or Linux systems
A3: Not support
Q4: What to do when the customers need to support MAC or Linux system
A4: Recommend purchasing the Non-free drive card, like U12/U6/U1/W311MA Non-free etc.
Q5: Which types of encryption do the U2 support
Q6: Can the U2 support the launch signal?
A6: Yes, but built-in driver does not contain UI software. If you need to launch the signal, please download the other third-party shareware by yourself.
Q7: How to operate when U2 cannot automatically pop up the installation driver page?
A7: Install manually. Open the “my computer” on the desktop, find the CD (CD driver) and open. Then install the Setup application. (The detail steps will be found at the official website FAQ)
Q8: When install the driver, what to do if the Safety Software block it?
A8: The Safety Software intercepts driver since that it need to change the registry, just permit it.
Q9: When installation is done, what to do if it still show” can’t install Driver successfully” on the down right corner?
A9: It’s a prompt under Windows. When PC is connected to the Internet, system will install and update the Driver automatically. If system can’t find the Driver, it will give this prompt, but it does on matter to proper use.
Q10: Can U2 support the mainstream Online TV like LeTV in China?
A10: Not support
Q11: Can play the online games (Such as LoL) in laptop smoothly by using U2?
A11: The large-scale online games have high requirements on speed and stability of network. But when apply the wireless network card, it will have some signal attenuations during transmission. On the other hand, make sure the wireless interference is small around.

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