Subject: Shenzhen Tenda Technology Co., ltd. (Hereafter called Tenda)
As market demands are changing, Tenda keeps updating its innovation, technology, new products, and more relevant services, at the same time discontinuing end-of-life products.
Tenda is hereby giving an unified notice of the management policy of Tenda product changes, so that its business partners can make any timely adjustment of the final lifetime purchases of the discontinued products, and Tenda will try to help them minimize the impact of products’ end-of-life action. This discontinuation policy applies to all Tenda products.

Product Discontinuation Policy:

1. Tenda will notify its relative business partners at least one month in advance if planning to stop producing the product. On the last day of the normal sale, Tenda will announce the product discontinuance on its official website formally, and stop any related new orders. All Tenda customers can visit its official website to get detailed information about the discontinued product and the alternative.
2. Tenda will provide pay-needed maintenance and continual firmware service of the discontinued product for up to half a year after the discontinuation date. Later, Tenda will regularly release the new firmware and inform customers of the known problems on its official website.
3. Tenda will provide pay-needed technical support of the discontinued product for up to one year after the discontinuation date. The service items are the followings:
a. Assistant of the installation and use of devices, and of remote fault diagnosis.
b. Present support for device installing, debugging, replacement, troubleshooting and firmware updating.
c. Other service items signed in the contract with Tenda.
4. Tenda will provide hardware maintenance and spare parts replacement according to the signed contract within 2 years after the discontinuation date. For products under warranty, Tenda will provide spare parts and the customer service. If some spare parts are out of stock, Tenda will provide alternatives (customers should make up the difference in price of the upgraded products.)
5. Tenda will not provide any maintenance and support for the discontinued product after two years from its discontinuation date. However, for the sake of customers, Tenda will try its best to provide customized services in require from some customers, in which case, a specific maintenance contract after negotiation will be required. 
Meanwhile, Tenda will observe all service contracts signed with its customers, and if any content in the contracts is in conflict with any item mentioned above, Tenda will stand on the contracts, for relative service of high quality.