Why you need the best Wi-Fi system for profitable businesses?

"Without the Internet, there would have been no Jack Ma, and no Alibaba or Taobao", said by the man himself. Well you can assume that, Jack Ma was indirectly advising that if you are serious about turning your business in a profitable entity, its vital that you invest in a better Wi-Fi system. We are no longer living in an era where the important necessities of life were only limited to food, water and shelter. The modern world means that we have an increased appetite for education, communication and the global reach that internet connections allow. 

Ever seen a board out of a coffee shop saying- "COFFEE AND FREE WI-FI"?

As many as 62% of businesses pointed out that the customers spend more time in their facility or shop if Wi-Fi access is offered. Not to mention that around 50% of customers spend more money when Wi-Fi is available.

Next generation of customers

Millennials are prone to sharing their lifestyle by posting selfies and photos of their food; business people need to stay connected to the office, customers and market news at all times; and some of us might just want to update their long list of apps! 

We are living in the 18th year of 21st century where literally everyone owns a smartphone and without Wi-Fi you might feel like Bear Grylls trying to survive in a desert with no food and water. Customers increasingly expect Wi-Fi accessibility when visiting a coffee shop, teahouse, ice-cream parlour, fast food restaurants  and pretty much everywhere else too. 

Best Wi-Fi solution for your business

A revolution in Wi-Fi technology is taking the world by storm and as a business owner, you probably have begun thinking the rationale of providing free Wi-Fi at your business premises. And what can be a better time than now to consider the idea.

Nova MW6 is a mesh Wi-Fi system that is specifically designed to cater the needs of your connected business. It consists of three units which covers a whopping 6000 sq. ft/ 550 Sqm making sure no corners are left without a strong signal. They are actually pretty easy to install and can be easily managed by our app (Tenda Wi-Fi app).

Growing your business?  Wi-Fi range can be easily increased by adding nodes with a single step. 

MW6 offers flexibility and freedom to the user when expanding your Wi-Fi range by adding multiple nodes. Believe us when we say, having all nodes working seamlessly over a single SSID is a dream come true.

Peak times are no longer a problem

Peak business hours bring more customers but you don't need to go through the hassle of offering different usernames and passwords to different users. A single SSID will get the work done for you. Giving you more time to focus on what matters most…. growing your business.

Wonders of MU-MIMO and Beamforming+

This intelligent technology beamforming+ is the really clever bit. It helps you target the Wi-Fi signal directly to where user is located. Supported by the Tenda App, you can also manage access to your connected devices. Whereas Mu-MIMO technology smart bandwidth allocation makes sure that when one of your customer is enjoying a 4K video on his device the others who are casually surfing the internet doesn't experience lag. We've done the math, 

Tenda Nova + better bandwidth = increased customer satisfaction. 

Tenda Nova + Customer Satisfaction = more business. 

Conclusion All generations are consuming more bandwidth to thrive in a connected world. The Instagram generation loves to take photos of their fancy food, tweet selfies with their friends and ‘check in' to places on Facebook. By doing this they are free advertising for your business. Promoting your business by conducting online challenges or letting your customers tweet a picture with a hashtag of your joint for a chance to win a free meal by providing accessibility to Wi-Fi, is another way of increasing awareness and attracting new customers. Customer loyalty is massively increased if you are providing them the best experience including amazing Wi-Fi. Overall, the nova MW6 is the best mesh Wi-Fi system for small businesses. It is designed to manage, monitor and control large  number of users who are connected to the single network without lagging in connectivity, contributing to an amazing internet experience. 

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