IoT is the new buzz in town!

Hold tight, we will take you through some of the most amazing IOT hacks which could make your life super connected.

But before that, what is IOT?

Keeping it really simple, consider it this way; your physical devices, home appliances, your vehicle connected to a whole heap of electronic sensors & software, so that they communicate with each other and the system to get smarter and more efficient. Now wouldn't that be exciting that you could do a lot more from where ever you want and could actually do more of what you love with your time.

Due to the broad level of applications of IoT across industries, it is little tricky to recognize how it can benefit you directly. So what broad difference does IoT mean in long run and how does it impact you?

Potentially the impact it could be huge and it could certainly lead to a better and more connected world, where actions of one machine trigger reactions in others without human intervention automatically, and every time they do this, it makes the machine smarter and more prepared for the next time.

Let's understand this with an example

Charlie is up for a long drive at the weekend and 100 miles in he notices that his car is showing the engine warning light, but he is really not sure if it is something big and if there are any good mechanics near where he is.

Let say we connect the car to the mainframe of all cars or the manufacturer, so when the break down occurs the car's system sends information related to breaking down through a sensor which the mainframe then interprets and identifies the problem. Let say in this case Charlie's brake fuel is low, but it is not critically low, therefore the system can send a message informing how many more miles is it good to go and at what speed.

At the same time the GPS system that is connected to the mainframe can react to the breakdown and inform Charlie about the best repair shops on his way with the intelligent systems giving him tentative repair costs and information on parts that need replacing

Is this all for real?

Perhaps, maybe, yes. And it does not end here, the mainframe which gathers a large amount of information from across vehicles filters it through algorithms to derive decision-based data which delivers valuable information around major breakdown areas and identifies their cause, plans inventory and production based on these real-time vehicle stats.

Coming to the core of IOT for smart homes in order to get all the devices such as IP Cameras, Amazon Alexa, smart light-bulbs, plugs etc to get connected, working and talking to each other and with you, they all need a strong & stable Wi-Fi network that can reach all parts of your home where these devices will be located. This network not only has to be hi-speed and hi-capacity, but also has to fit in with a budget that's right for your needs. This is where Tenda has set itself apart from and is now leading the competition by developing the Nova series of Mesh Smart Whole Home Wi-Fi coverage devices. In the Nova Mesh series there is a device to suit nearly every pocket and configuration, making accessibility and the power to control available to all.

Consistently and steadily, we are taking small and innovative steps in the direction of making this world more connected and better.

All of Better Networking.

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