The Perfect Debut of Tenda’s Switches at the IFSEC in India

Nowadays, security is of great concern in the modern world, due to the great development of technology, users are more vulnerable to be attacked through the Internet. Foreseeing all this and in order to get close to concern partners and to display more strength of its surveillance series products, Security monitoring professional supplier Tenda decided to attend the IFSEC India 2017 which was held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, with its full series of PoE switches in the exhibition.

Tenda PoE switches designed for monitoring received full praise during the three-day exhibition by curious customers.

During the event, Tenda maintained a slogan stating, “You enjoy the connectivity, we build the Infrastructure”. which displayed its sincerity to deliver the best switches to the targeting groups and let them know how important and professional brand is in the shade of the Wi-Fi and connectivity products at the whole Internet ecosystem  

Tenda - has become a global leader in complete class leading professional switch manufacturer category.






High reliability eight-core power supply design




Tenda focuses PoE switch products in terms of reliability and stability of the new upgrade, the POE switches features, 6 KV high voltage lightning protection technology, eight core power supply technology, 250 meters long distance transmission technology, which is one of leading offering in the industry.



The vast majority of visitors at the event were no stranger to Tenda, which is a household name in the world of wireless networking, switches and network pipes. In this exhibition, Tenda also expressed its firm determination to expand the security monitoring market.

A constant stream of visitors was attracted towards Tenda booth, A large number of visitors showed interest in purchasing the products on the exhibition itself, after knowing its performance.

 Some of the visitors came to the stall with a variety of tricky professional questions, and the field staff also used professional and solid technical knowledge to answer them.

New product, next-generation WiFi technology -Mesh Router Nova MW6


Tenda, since its inception in 1999, has been committed to "building a trustworthy network".

We are very happy to always support our customers grow together, work together in the coming 2018 years to compose a new chapter, and heartfelt thanks to the broad masses of customers who have been the support.


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