Tenda Products are not Vulnerable to WPA2 (KRACK) Attack

On October 16th, a research paper titled "Key Reinstallation Attacks: Forcing Nonce Reuse in WPA2" was published in the industry. Taking immediate action Tenda strictly analyzed and tested our released products and the corresponding software at once, then ultimately confirmed that the bugs had no effect on Tenda’s products. Please be assured to purchase and use our products.

Detailed statements are as follows:

Judging from the reported bugs, attacks are mainly on clients. Attacker realizes packets eavesdropping and injection and implements MITM attacks by inducing client users to load the key that is being used currently. Tenda wireless products are not influenced by the bugs when products work in router mode or AP mode (as authenticators for four-way handshakes). After repeated analysis, demonstration, and actual tests, we finally confirm that Tenda wireless products are also not influenced by the bugs when products work in WISP mode or Universal repeater mode (as supplicants for a four-way handshake). You can be relieved to use our products. Authentication on adapters is achieved by the operating system, so please update windows system patches immediately. By the way, you are not required to update the adapter drivers.

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