Tenda invite you change your router and get 120RMB

Lots of people want to change their old wireless router during new year, but there are more and more old home electronices, how to handle them is a problem. There is good news from Tenda, you can get up to 120RMB when you change your old router to new.

China announced "Broadcom China" strategy in 2013, Pushing fable into thousands families and increasing wireless speed is very important among this strategy. China Telecom and other operaters start to speed up in the whole country, China families are running to fable new generation. Increasing speed and costdown fee is the focus problem during National People’s Congress in 2016.

Mr. Ye in Shanghai has fable in their whole community last year, but the wireless speed is not good, he askes many friends and finally know that the problem is wirelss router. He attend Tenda Old to New activity, and get the newest 1900M dual-band wireless router, the speed for streaming and gaming is much better than before.

The reason is you need to change the wireless router since you have fable broadband into community and family, because only 802.11ac and gigabit wirelss router can match fable broadband, the old ones like 300M routers can not match perfect and speed up enough. Tenda Old to New activity help users increase their speed and it is good foe environment. It is very popular now.
Tenda people say, there are more than 4000 users attend the Tenda Old to New activite since several days ago, no matter which brand, which model, good or bad, you can just attend the Tenda Old to New activity, and get 50-120RMB to buy Tenda newest AC15.

Mr Xia from Tenda Marketing Presdent say, Nowadays electronics recycle is not convenient and not good for environment, this Tenda Old to New activity is the first time in router industry. Tenda hold this activity is for meeting China goverment Broadband speed up strategy, push consumers upgrade their routers, by the way, Tenda also want to support new and old customers and push 11ac technology & product into the market.

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