How to Download HD movie within one minute?

Since 2015 two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang repeatedly urged operators drop speed and charge fees, and in 2016 the national two sessions, the speed of Internet Key person lower fees proposal become the focus of national attention once again. Early in 2013, the state formulated and published the "broadband China” strategy, promote the 100M fiber to the communities, a substantial increase in speed has become an important part of the national strategy. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities has launched FTTH popularization work, the first to experience the speed.

On March 2, a new phase of the bulletin issued the “ accelerating the construction of information infrastructure circular "pointed out, 2016, Shenzhen will introduce urban optical fiber subscriber free speed up to 50Mbps and other preferential measures, and for copper users carry out fiber optic upgrading activities, the introduction of free speed, lowering the cost of cable and other incentives, 2016 Shenzhen fiber to the home rate of up to 80%. By the end of 2017, Shenzhen broadband index into the national advanced ranks, new residential buildings, commercial buildings and office buildings full realization of FTTH, to achieve full coverage of the 4G network.

For this, I go with telecommunications staff to follow with Shenzhen broadband users to see what happens to their lives has been changed? 

Fast broadband movie is smoother

Mr. Luo, who lives in a mid-range residential Shenzhen Nanshan district, he upgraded broadband telecommunications from 8M to 100M in early 2015, became one of the earliest users who enjoy the speed of 100m fiber . One of the most intuitive feeling of the scene, is the Internet fast! 4K Ultra HD TV in the living room of the film is more fluid, the picture is more delicate, the whole family can enjoy a better entertainment audio-visual feast. Mr. Luo said: even if the home computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPad at the same time into the Internet, each speed is also very fast. Download a 1G HD movie in less than one minute. It is very fast and smooth.

Different router different speed

Telecom staff measured the speed with us together. He used  two routers which is 300M and 1900M with the same brand for WiFi speed test, the result showing  that speed from the 25.6Mbps upgrade to the 96.7Mbps.

Why speed is so different with different routers? Because when 100M fiber broadband into people's homes, many users still use  the mainstream 300M  wireless routing in the market, it does not play a 100M fiber broadband advantage, once the user chooses to support the latest 802.11ac technology, Gigabit bandwidth over wireless router, you can get better network speed experience.

Tips for broadband

In broadband usage process, Internet experience will be affected by many actions, including the bandwidth by different operators, user terminal equipment, cable, computer configuration, access network resources, website of the limit and so on, if any one link problems, may lead to a drop in speed. 

If the consumer upgraded fiber broadband, then the corresponding wireless router equipment should also be upgraded, as far as possible to choose a famous brand, to support the latest 802.11ac technology Gigabit wireless router products. At present, traditional routing industry leader Tenda Technology is Jingdong, Tmall for optical routers with old change to new activities, no matter what brand, what model, the quality of your home router, may participate in the activities, and enjoy ranging from 50 to 120 yuan replacement subsidies, discount to buy Tenda Technology's listing of 1900M dual band wireless routing ac15.

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