How to obtain APN information

How to obtain APN information

What are APN?

APN is a key field for us to use the SIM card to authenticate online; in some cases, in order to quickly solve the APN compatibility problem, we need to check the APN information used when the SIM card is successfully registered on the mobile phone

If you are an Apple mobile phone and cannot obtain APN information, please replace the Android mobile phone to check, or contact the local operator to obtain the correct APN information (APN, user name, password, authentication type, APN type, APN support agreement)

For Android Phones

Step 1: Open the mobile phone setting tool, enter the APN field to query:


Step 2: Click Access Point Names to view APN information


Step 3: Obtain APN, username, password, authentication type, APN type, APN protocol



Note: Different Android phone types may have different query methods. You can check your phone model online to obtain the operation guide for APN information.

After you do the above troubleshooting, if still no internet access, you will need to contact Tenda support to further troubleshoot your concern. You can contact support.fwa

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