The Answers of Nova's Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What should I do if I can’t download Tenda Wi-Fi APP while scanning QR Code on installation guide?
A1: IOS mobile phone: just download APP in APP Store. Android mobile phone: search APP in Google Play Store.
Q 2: Can Nova be set through web page?
A 2: Nova can be set via "Tenda Wi-Fi" APP now.
Q 3: How many units can establish network together?
A 3: A mesh network system support up to 10 units, considering to the network stability, we recommend 6 units.
Q 4: How many clients can connect to Nova at the same time?
A 4: In the stable status, one nova support 30-35 clients, the suit (contains 3 nova) support clients up to 90-100.
Q 5: As the single unit belt machine amounts to 20, if you use 6 units for networking, can the network belt machine amount to 120?
A 5: The actual amount of the machine depends on network bandwidth, terminal device’s applications and data traffic and so on.
Q 6: Whether Tenda Nova can work with other products as repeater?
A 6: Can’t support, Nova support AP mode and routing mode. And other products can connect with Nova via cable.
Q 7: Whether nova can establish network with other brand mesh devices automatically?
A 7: Can’t, only support Tenda nova.
Q 8: In a Nova Mesh network system, whether exist different Wi-Fi name and password?
A 8: Can’t, In a Mesh network system, when you modify the Wi-Fi name and password via APP, then the name and password will be applied by the server, and it can’t be modified with single unit.
Q 9: When Tenda Nova connect to other brand wireless router via ethernet cable, can Nova synchronize the primary router's Wi-Fi name and password?
A 9: Can’t.
Q 10: The Nova suit contains 3 units, which one is main or secondary router when you install it?
A 10: No, three units are same. It depends on yourself to decide which one is main router.
Q 11: After installing one nova, what to do about the other nova?
A 11: Don’t need to configure anything, just place them in appropriate position according to the actual use of the scene, and power on them, they will establish network automatically
Q 12: Can Nova be used separately?
A 12: Yes. But you need to remove the unit used alone from Nova Group through APP, or reset the unit which you want to use it separately. (In power-on state, hold on pressing the reset hole for 20 seconds until light turns white which represents reset success.)
Q 13: How many users can manage Nova?
A 13: If Nova isn’t bound to one of the users’ account, multiple users can manage it locally. After being bound, only the bound account can manage it locally and remotely.
Q 14: How to bind Nova with APP?
A 14: While Nova is managed by APP, register and login APP, it means bind successful.
Q 15: What is the priority while a Nova network system connects with another network via ethernet cable?
A 15: Wired > 5G > 2.4G.
Q 16: How to reset Nova?
A 16: In the power-on state, with a paper clip or other tools holding at the bottom of the reset hole for about 20 seconds, when the light turns solid white, it means reset successful.
Q 17: If two or more units has been networked separately, how to establish a network together?
A 17: Hold on pressing the reset hole for about 20 seconds until the light turns solid white, then set up one Nova as main router and power on other nova. For more details please refer to the official website document “How to Add New Nova?”.
Q 18: Can nova be modified the wireless channel?
A 18: No. In order to ensure the stability of the network, the current nova 2.4G channel is fixed to 6 channels, and the 5G is fixed to 40 channels.
Q 19: Can nova be modified wireless encryption?
A 19: No. Seamless roaming protocol requires encryption mode is WPA2-PSK, so the Nova encryption mode is fixed to WPA2-PSK.
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