U2-How to uninstall the driver

Model: Tenda U2         Problem classification: driver uninstallation
Use Windows 7 system as an example:
1.   Open Control Panel, find and click “Uninstall a program” or open “Programs and Features”;
2.   Find NIC driver “Tenda Wireless N Adapter”, click “Uninstall”;
After your clicking Uninstall, there will be a pop-up dialog to confirm your operation, click “Yes”;
Start to uninstall;
When the uninstallation is done, there will be a dialog reminds you that the driver has no longer in your computer;
3.   After your uninstallation, we suggest resetting your computer.
Attention: If the uninstallation is running with U2 or other NIC attached to the computer, you need to reinsert the NIC after uninstallation.

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