F9-how to setup Universal Repeater

Model Number: F9        Question Classification: Internet Settings
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The computer can be connected to the router through the network, if the notebook also can be connected to the router through the wireless, as follows:
Wired connection:
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\1.png
Wireless connection:
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\QQ截图20170608151259.png
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\QQ截图20170607155403.png
1.   Open the browser, enter "tendawifi.com" or "" log in to the router settings page in the address bar. (the factory without login password)
2.   You can choose a way to access the Internet, set the "WIFI Password", click "OK".
3.   The page will prompt for successful storage. If you are connected to a wireless signal, you need to reconnect the signal after you have set the password.

说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\2.png

说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\6666.png
1.   Open ”Internet Settings”, Select “Universal Repeater”, and then select the signal source that needs to be amplified.
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\222.jpg
2. Enter the password for the wireless signal that needs to be extended   , click "connect", and then the router will restart.说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\444.jpg
3. Use "tendawifi.com" to log into the router page after the restart, check the network status display "Connection success", and you can surf the internet.    说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\QQ截图20170607180302.png

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