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Computer connect to wireless router with Ethernet cable, if you use laptop, you also can connect to wireless router via Wi-Fi, the steps as below:
Wire Connection:
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Wireless Connection:

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Open browser, input “tendawifi.com” or “”in address bar and then you will login the management webpage of router. (default login username and password are both “admin”);
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Select “Administration” and you will find Upgrade Firmware. There are Local Upgrade and Online Upgrade. When you can access internet. You can use Online upgrade.
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How to use Local Upgrade:
1. Click Local Upgrade, it will pop below windows, select the firmware which you want to upgrade and click open.
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2. Please click OK when you select the firmware file to upgrade. Don’t power off router when upgrading, otherwise the router will be damaged.
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How to use Online Upgrade:
1. Click Online upgrade, it will detect whether there is update firmware for you to upgrade. If have, click Upgrade. Don’t power off router, otherwise the router will be damaged.
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