F9-Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What do you mean 600 M of F9?
A1: F9 wireless is 2.4G single band. It uses 256QM modulation technique, the maximum speed is 600M, it doesn’t mean signal coverage.
Q2: What is wireless signal coverage of F9 and what is the wireless transmit power?
A2: F9 can be used in three bed rooms house, it’s coverage is about 120 m2, but it will depend on your reality environment. Wireless transmit power is 50mw.
Q3: What is the maximum clients can connect to F9 at the same time?
A3: In order to ensure the stability, F9 can support 15 clients access internet normally, if all of clients watch video, the maximum clients will reduce.
Q4: Why F9 is 600M, but when I connect Wi-Fi signal with my laptop, but network adapter speed is only 150M?
A4: the wireless of F9 is 600M, but your wireless network adapter need support 600M also, then it can reach maximum speed; If your wireless network adapter is 150M, then it only can reach 150M.
Q5: How to use PPPOE username and password migrate function on F9?
A5:    Power on Old router and F9;
         Please Reset F9 first;
Connect any one LAN port of F9 to WAN port of old router, now all of LAN ports led of F9 will blinking (about 3-5s), It means F9 is migrating old router PPPOE username and password, when it finished, all LAN ports led will stay bright for 3s;
Please connect broadband cable to WAN port of F9, and wait 5-10s the router will make a dial automatically, and then you can access internet. Now, the Wi-Fi doesn’t have password, when you open a website, it will inform you set Wi-Fi name and password, you can do it with its guide.
Q 6: Whether A9 can bridge F9 automatically? How to do it?
A 6 : F9 should skip default setup wizard webpage. A9 need to Restore Factory Settings The distance between A9 and F9 within one meters.
Q 7: There is Anti-Interference option in F9 wireless menu, how to use it?
A 7: If there are many wireless networks nearby, you can enable this mode to improve wireless performance,
Q 8: Tenda App can manage F9 by remoting?
A 8: Yes, but you need to use Tenda APP bind F9 first, then register a account. For more details, you can check relevant document on official website.
Q 9: Whether F9 can support port forwardDDNSRemote web management functions?
A 9: F9 support port forwardDDNSRemote web managementStatic IP AllocationBlack and White listWi-Fi timing functions, you can go to official website and download relevant user guide documents and check.
Q 10: Can you set multi-period time for Wi-Fi timing function of F9?
A 10: Wi-Fi timing function only can set one period time for one day, but you can select several days a week as you want.
Q 11: If you buy F9 in China, can you use it in your country?
A 11: Different country have different standard power source interface, so most of country can’t use it if you buy Chinese version. We suggest you buy English version F9 in local place.

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