N301(Ecos)-How to setup WISP mode

Thisdocument applies for the users that want to setup universal repeaterfunction

Model Number: N301/F3/FH456       Question Classification: Function Settings

Part 1Configure IPaddress of your computer

Part 2Login to the setup page

Part 3Setup WISP function

Part 4: Checkwhether you can surf the internet        

1. Click on NetworkConnection Icon on the system bar, then click on Open Networkand Sharing Center.

2. Clickon Change Adapter Settings.

3. Right clickon Local Area Connection, then choose the Properties option.

4. Double clickon Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4).

5.Choose Obtain an IP address automatically and ObtainDNS server address automatically and then click OK.

6.Alsoclick on OK on the first Local Connection Properties window.

NoticeIf you use therouter for the first time, it will appear easy to use interface in the processof you set Universal Repeater mode, you need to skip these interface, go to theadvanced Settings interface to set.

1.Open a browser thentype in the Address Bar, press Enterand login tothe router interface.

2.Clickthe "Skip" or “Next”.

3. Setrouter’s SSID and wireless password, and click Next, refer to the followingsteps.


4.“Saving…please wait…” Wait about 10 seconds, it will come out aninterface. Click “More” to go to advanced setting page.


1.Enter the router's setting interfaceclick “WirelessRepeating”. choose bridge mode as “WISP”, select your uplink wifisignal, type wifi password of your uplink router, click “OK” to save allthe settings. Then click “OK” on the pop-up window.

2. After click OK, the routerwill reboot automatically.

NoticeIf it shows that IPconflict message after click "OK", just click "OK".

Afterreboot, connect router’s LAN1/LAN2/LAN3 ports, or reconnect wireless signal ofthe router, try whether you can surf the internet.

Loginthe setting interface of the router, can check the internet status, if theinternet settings shows “Connected! You can surf the internet”, meanssetting successfully. You can check whether you can get connected.


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