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Dimensions (L*W*H)294 *178.8 *44 mm
Box Dimensions380*285*80
Enclosure materialsSGCC
ProcessorDual Core, 1.0GHz, MIPS
Memory information128 MB
Networking interface5*GE (Max. 4 WAN, Max. 4 LAN)
Power methodAC 100-240V
Power supplyBuild-in power
Max. power consumption18W
Operating temperatureOperating Temperature: -10℃-45°C
Operating humidityOperating Humidity: 10%-90% RH, non-condensing
Max. Client Capacity150
Recommended Client Capacity100
Recommended Broadband1000Mbps
Max. New Sessions4000
Max. Concurrent Sessions49000
NAT (Static IP)down: 941Mbps/up: 931Mbps
NAT(DHCP)down: 942Mbps/up: 932Mbps
NAT(PPPoE)down: 914Mbps/up: 922Mbps
AP ManagementRouter mode: 128
AC mode: 256
Operating ModeRouter& Pure AC
AP ManagementSupport
DHCP ServerDHCP Server(User/AP), DHCP Reservation
Wireless PolicyAP Group,SSID Policy,RF Policy,Vlan Policy,maintenance policy,Alarm Policy,Deployment Policy
Fast Roaming802.11k,v,r
Bandwidth ControlBased on single user, user group, smart bandwidth control
Virtual ServerDMZ, DDNS, DNS Hijacking, IP Hijacking, UPNP, Port Mirroring, Port Mapping, DNS Cache
PPPoE serverSupport
captive portalSupport(web.e-mail.SMS.Random Code)
WAN Load BalancingIntelligent Load Balancing,Customize
RoutingStatic Routing,Policy Routing
SecurityIP-MAC binding, Block Ping from WAN, DDoS Attack Defense, ARP Attack Defense, Binary Association
System Toolsntp,Scheduled reboot, Diagnosis
System Logsystem log,Operating log,Running log
System AccountAdministrator,Visitor,Login IP Address Limit
MaintenanceRestore,Backup,Remote WEB Management
Managementhttp/https, APP
SYSBlinking: The device works properly.
Solid: The device works abnormally.
Off: The device has not finished initiation yet.
ActSolid: The port is not transmitting or receiving data.
Blinking: The port is transmitting or receiving data.
Off: The port is not connected to a network device.
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