W18E AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Enterprise Wireless Router
Extreme Heat Dissipation
Working Stably
Powerful heat dissipation with metal case. Fast and stable still even in summer

Top-notch CPU+large memory
80 terminals access simultaneously with ease

Equipped with 1GHz enterprise-level chip and 128MB memory, W18E adopts 1200M dual-band design. Working with anti-interference technology and multi-user wireless optimization, it can ensure that multiple devices including phones, tablets and computers access the network stably without dropped connection. The maximum number of connected terminals is 80 (50 for wireless).

80 Terminals

Max. capacity


Enterprise-lever chip


Large memory

4*High-Gain Antennas+4*Signal Amplifiers
With double optimizations, the coverage is lifted by 30%

Equipped with 4 5dBi high gain omnidirectional antennas and 4 independent signal amplifiers, the signal is extremely strong and can penetrate multiple walls. Even when signal is weak, it can receive sensitively. The maximum coverage can reach 300m², lifted by 30% compared with ordinary routers. Antennas are aligned rationally to effectively reduce interference. Surfing the internet is smoother.
Coverage area
Enhanced coverage

Metal case comes with excellent heat dissipation
Working stably long without dropped connection

Metal case design, on both sides are uniformly distributed heat dissipation bars. With a large area of metal heat sink, the heat in the equipment can be quickly dispersed to the surface, improving heat dissipation efficiency effectively. Compared with traditional plastic routers, the heat dissipation performance of W18E is lifted by above 50%. Even when working for a long time, it is still stable, and doesn't drop connection.

One-click signal extension
No configuration is needed for multi-device networking

W18E supports one-click networking. When it is needed to expand WiFi signal, you only need to power on multiple W18E, and put them in the original coverage range of W18E. Press the buttons respectively, and automatic networking will be triggered between multiple W18E, without any configuration needed. Easily handle big house type and complicated house type. Cover whole home, and terminals won't drop connection when moving around.

Multiple WAN port design
Support 3 broadbands to access

It supports 3 broadband accesses with several times increase of bandwidth, and supports load balancing and link backup between lines. When one line fails, it will automatically switch to other normal lines and the Internet access will not be affected.

Identify accurately, manage efficiently
Make staff unable to goof off during work

When the phonomenon of goofing off is becoming more common, do you feel helpless? W18E can manage staff's network via multiple ways including web, port and IP filtering. It effectively prevents staff shopping online, playing games and watching videos during work, which effectively improves enterprise's overall efficiency.

IP Address


MAC Address


Protocol Port


URL Address


VPN private secure encrypted channel
Remote visit, secure and efficient

Support multiple VPN functions including IPSec VPN, PPTP VPN, L2TP VPN, etc. Dedicated secure encrypted channel can be set for remote visit between enterprise and branch agency, realizing confidential data encryption respectively for enterprise and branch agency, and effectively ensuring the data security of enterprise. It is applicable to small and medium enterprise, branch agency, chain store, etc.

App remote management
Debug device without being on site

The enterprise wireless router W18E supports App remote management. You can not only check real time working status of router, but also set up all kinds of settings remotely, including device reboot, system upgrade, guest management, speed control, etc. The operation and maintenance are more convenient.
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