Tenda C8-Why can’t open the video, display a circle, prompt waiting

Please follow the steps below to check the problem step by step.
  If the device indicator lights go out or the device power off and on
does not emit “du-du-du” sound, check the device power supply.
  If the red light is always on, power off the device and the wireless
router and restart it, or place the device closer to the wireless router or add a wireless signal expander to see if the red light become always blue. If Camera with Ethernet port, try to connect devices to wireless router with RJ45 cable to see if they can open the video.
Check whether the speed of broadband network connected by mobile phone is normal, change another network and try again.
④ check whether the speed of broadband network connected with the device is normal, change another broadband network and try again.
5 Share a WiFi hotspot using a smartphone. If you can add the device to the shared hotspot, can open the video, please check the WiFi signal and the broadband network signal.
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