Tenda MW5s-Cannot detect WiFi signal. What should I do

Please confirm if different devices can detect MW5s WiFi signal?
Situation 1All devices cannot detect MW5s WiFi signal.
1. Confirm primary node is powered on (LED is on)
2. Repower the primary node. Please contact with customer service center with your invoice if LED is solid green in 1-2 mins.  
3. LED blinks after startup completes (40 seconds after repowering)
4. Problem still exists. Please press the reset button for 6 seconds until LED blinking. And search for the SSID again.
Situation 2Other devices can detect MW5s WiFi signal
1. Reboot the device that cannot detect WiFi signal.
2. If still cannot detect WiFi signal even reboot the device. Please change to a different WiFi name.

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