Tenda MW5-Device cannot connect with 5G signal. What should I do

User Scenario: Device supports 5G and can detect 5G signal around. Connection type is still 2.4G in Tenda App.
By default, “Capacity-oriented Mode” function is on. Mesh network system is established by 5G to improve performance.
When “Capacity-oriented Mode” function is on, no more than 4 devices can connect with 5G signal of each node.
1. If number of connected devices are up to 4 for one node, other devices connect with this node can only connect with 2.4G. Users can turn off “Capacity-oriented Mode”.
2. If number of connected devices are less than 4 for one node, please place your devices next to the node and reconnect the WiFi signal.
3. If “Smart Assistant” function is on, device can only connect with 2.4G in 30 minutes. Please reconnect the WiFi signal after 30 mins.

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