MW3-Another mobile phone wants to manage my MW3. What should I do?

Method 1: Provide my account to my family. And they can manage my MW3 by Tenda WiFi App.
Method 2:
Step 1: Download Tenda WiFi App by another mobile phone. Tap “Login”.
Step 2: If you configure Google Email, Facebook, Twitter in mobile phone, you can tap the logo to have Fast login.
Step 3: If you want to register by email, tap “Register”, enter Email address and Password.


Step 4: Open my Tenda WiFi App, tap “Settings”> “Account Authorization”.
Step 3: Tap “Add an account’.
Step 4: Enter the registered account. Tap “OK”.


1. Totally can add no more than three accounts to manage a same MW3.
2. Authorized account does not support “Account Authorization” function.

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