F9 Firmware V12.01.01.43_EN



1.Solved the issue of Reset after reboot;

2.DHCP assign an IP address to NVR;

3.PPPOE Dial-up connection probabilistic failure;    

4.Internet status of interface display error;                                                                                      

5.Mikrotik mac binding issue;                                                                                                         

6.Enable the function of ping WAN port defaultly;                                                                                  

7.Visible the icon right on the Password bar;                                                                                        

8.Combined with the issue of South Africa VOIP;


1.This firmware is only fit for F9 and its firmware version must be in V12.01.01.xx or more.

2.Incorrect upgrade will damage your device.

3.Please upgrade your device by cable connections.

4.Do not power off the device when upgrading.

5.Please unzip the file you downloaded and use the file ended with "bin" or "trx" to upgrade your device.

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