How to set Nova to access Internet

Nova suit contains 3 units, which can be placed in the proper place according to the installation guide or APP page to meet your Wi-Fi coverage. Nova only supports APP installation and management, so you need to download Tenda Wi-Fi APP before installing.
If this is your first time to use Nova, the following steps will guide you complete the settings quickly.

1. Mobile phones can connect to other Wi-Fi signal or data traffic to download Tenda Wi-Fi APP.
IOS system: you can search Tenda Wi-Fi APP in APP Store, or use WeChat to scan QR code which on the installation guide.
Android system: you can search Tenda Wi-Fi APP in APP Store, use WeChat or browser to scan QR code.


1.Connect the broadband line to the WAN port of Nova  (WAN/LAN icon).

2.Power on Nova.
3.Connect mobile phone to the Nova’s wireless signal. The wireless name and password can be viewed on the bottom sticker of Nova.
Please noted: You can’t set up Nova until connected to Nova’s wireless signal, it is normal that your mobile phone can’t access internet now.

1. Open Tenda Wi-Fi APP, then the setting wizard interface appears, click "Setup".

2.NOVA will detect the internet connection type automatically. According to the internet connection type, input related information, click "Next", and then Nova will connect to internet, then APP will go to the next step when internet connected.
As following picture shows, Internet connection type is PPPOE mode, please input user name and password, then click "Next”.

As the following picture shows, internet connection type is dynamic IP, you don’t need to do anything, just click on the “Next”.

As following picture shows, internet connection type is static IP, you need to input IP address and other information which ISP provide to you, then click on the "Next".

3.Set up wireless name and password of Nova, click "OK".
Please noted: if you modify the wireless name and password, after you click finish, your mobile phone will disconnect Nova Wi-Fi signal, you need to reconnect new wireless signal which you configured.

4.  When the first Nova’s indicator color turns solid blue, it means Nova connect to internet fine.


After configuring the first Nova, APP page will explain how to set up the other Nova, and click the “OK” to view specific steps:

1.Put the second Nova in the proper place, then click “Next”.

2.Power on the second Nova, then click "Next".

3.After you power on Nova, wait for about 1 minute, you can judge the current status of the second Nova through led color, blue means Wi-Fi status is good. For other color, you can adjust the angle of Nova properly, or move it closer to the first Nova.

4.  Set up the third Nova. Configuration is the same as the second one, just put the third Nova in proper place, then power on, and wait for about 1 minute, observe the indicator light to wait network connected automatically. After establishing network successfully, the APP page will display 3 Nova online, as follows:

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