How to remove Nova in the network

Blow several user scenarios need to remove Nova from mesh network system:
1.   You want to use 3 Nova separately;
2.   You buy 2 suits which contain 2 Nova or 2 suits which contain 3 Nova. You want to use them together to establish a big mesh network system;
3.   You have two Nova. One is in office now, and the other is in your home. But you want to use them together;
4.   You want to remove one Nova from a established network system and use it alone;
If you want to remove one or more Nova in your Wi-Fi network, please follow the steps.
Method 1: Remove Hardware
Procedure: Power on the Nova, press the “reset” button for 20 seconds until indicator lights turn solid white. Nova will be restored to factory default settings.
Method 2: Remove on App Page
Step 1: Login in App home page, select the Nova node.
Step 2: Click icon “…” on the upper right corner, and click “delete”.
Step 3: You can see there is only 2 nodes on APP webpage now.  
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