How to config the SoftAP Mode for U1 adapter?

Tenda U1wireless adapter has two modes: Station Mode and SoftAP Mode.The adapter can convertwired signal to wireless signal when it works in the SoftAp mode.So,you mustensure that your computer can surf the Internet if you want to make it work in the SoftAP Mode.


Detailed configuration steps are as followings:

1.Install the driver of Tenda U1 wireless adapter from the website // or the application program inthe CD-ROM attached with Tenda U1 wireless adapter.You can see the followingUser Interface if you install the driver successfully.

2.Click the “SoftAP Mode”,then click the “Shift to SoftAP Mode” , you can change the mode tothe SoftAP Mode(it may take 1 or 2 minutes).

3.Next, you will seethe information include SSID.

4.Then, you couldclick the “Change” button to modify SSID andpassword.

5. Click the "Station Mode", and choose“Shift to Station Mode” button to changeback to "Station Mode".


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