AP4 Firmware V1.0.0.12(3916)_EN

İlgili ürünler:AP4
Güncelleme Tarihi:2016/7/19

Please choose the correct version to upgrade for the device to follow local country regulations
It is NOT suggested to upgrade firmware which is not for your region. 
Release Date: 20160624

This version is compliant with CE standard.
If you need better coverage, please download the firmware version with high power output feature(FCC Version).  
Release Note:
1.Fix the problem that the radio won't be enabled after disable first SSID.
2.Fix the problem that AP won't reboot after VLAN parameters was modified.
Note: If you need to install APs with controler M3, please upgrade firmware of M3 to version V1.0.0.6(4575) or later firstly. If not, the controller M3 can't discover APs. 

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