Enjoy Your WiFi with Two-step Installation
AX3000 WiFi6
Dual-band Gigabit In-wall Access Point

Wireless speed up to 3000Mbps, 160MHz channel bandwidth
Lightning fast speed, Beyond the ordinary

W15-Pro adopts the new generation WiFi6 technology, with160MHz channel bandwidth, dual-band concurrent wireless rate up to 3000Mbps. W15-Pro is designed to meet every network need in downloading, VR games, cloud gaming, etc. It can deliver simultaneous high-speed internet access to 80 devices.
Ordinary AP

Dual-band silver antenna for powerful signals
2x coverage performance of ordinary in-wall APs

Two omni-directional independent antennas with innovative design, equipped with a 4-way FEM signal amplifier. Compared with other ordinary APs, wireless signal transmission and reception capacity is increased by 2 times, which can easily cover 250㎡ villa/large suite. Unique antenna design effectively reduces co-channel interference and makes the WiFi signal more stable.
Tenda Tenda Tenda

802.11k/v/r seamless roaming,
uninterrupted switching Strong WiFi on the go

With a unified SSID for the whole house, device automatically connects to the node with the best signal, latency is low to 50ms. Wherever you go, enjoy smooth and stable wireless speed.
Lightning WiFi switching

Two-sided tap design,No tools needed
Enjoy Your WiFi with the easiest Installation

The W15-Pro can be installed with a double-sided tap on the back, plug in the cable and the AP will be attached to the original network port panel. The location is flexible and it can be installed in a bedroom, study or balcony.

Standard 86 panel design to fit any house
Wireless coverage in four easy steps

Standard 86 type panel design with high scene adaptation. For installation, simply remove the original AP and replace it with W15-Pro, no rewiring is required and no damage is done to the original wall surface.

Step 1

Removing AP's cover with a screwdriver

Step 2

Fixing the bracket to the network panel

Step 3

Plug in the ethernet cable

Step 4

Align the slot with the bracket and pull down the AP

* Make sure the ethernet cable in the network panel is connected before installation

111 small louvres evenly spaced
30% better heat dissipation
and faster and more stable network speed

Unlike traditional in-wall AP designs, the shell of W15-Pro is higher than wall by 3 cm, increasing the contact area with air and speeding up heat dissipation without affecting the aesthetics of the space. At the same time, it is equipped with 111 cooling holes which increase the cooling efficiency by 30%.

Small louver vents

dissipation efficiency


Separated IPTV and Internet ports
Enjoy both TV and Internet

W15-Pro provides a separated IPTV port, which is connected to STB box, avoiding the trouble of laying network cables.
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