AX3000 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi6 Enterprise Wireless Router

With Broadcom's new generation of high-performance chipset
Fast and efficient office networking

Adopting the new generation of American Broadcom quad-core processor with a frequency of up to 1.7GHz and equipped with 256MB of large memory, the machine delivers industry-leading high performance and high stability, supporting long hours of uninterrupted work and meeting the needs of SMEs for high-speed/stable/reliable/secure Internet access.

Same chipset as Apple WiFi

2 Broadcom high-performance chipsets


3000Mbps high speed, 160MHz large bandwidth
Turn videoconferencing to face-to-face talking

W30E supports the new generation of Wi-Fi 6 technology, wireless rate up to 3000Mbps, 160MHz large bandwidth.. Compared to traditional WiFi6 routers, the Internet speed is doubled. Even 4K ultra-HD video conferences can be easily managed as if it were face-to-face, smoothly and efficiently.
W30E router
wireless rate 3000Mbps
Ordinary AX1500 router
wireless rate 1500Mbps

5 high gain antennas for wider coverage
Good WiFi even in the corner of the office

Designed with 5 high-gain omni-directional antennas and equipped with independent signal amplifiers, which significantly improve signal strength and sensitivity. W30E can easily penetrate three walls to achieve full coverage of 500㎡. The WiFi signal starts from the centre of the office and reaches every corner, regardless of the size of the household.

Triple WAN Load Balance,Double the bandwidth
Supports enterprise private networks and hybrid accesses

Triple WAN load balance can increase bandwidth and save costs, with access to 3 broadband lines at the same time. Supports load balancing and link backup between lines, when one bandwidth fails, the other bandwidth is not affected. Supports enterprise private network and multiple lines mixed access, realize the isolation of enterprise private data and Internet data for security and confidentiality.

Support 200 terminals simultaneously
Easy to meet the needs of enterprises with multi-user Internet access

With advanced OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology, the W30E greatly enhances channel capacity, allowing multiple people to work and play online at the same time. the W30E can efficiently transfer data without waiting, significantly reducing network latency and supporting 200 terminals to access the Internet fast and smoothly at the same time.





Oxidation-resistant metal body with superb heat dissipation
24/7 stable operation, always stay online

The body is designed with a heat dissipating metal casing with evenly distributed symmetrical heat dissipation holes on both sides, full heat flow and heat dissipation design for immediate heat dissipation performance. Compared to the plastic casing, the overall heat dissipation performance of the W30E is improved by 50%, which can ensure the stable operation of the router without disconnecting from the network.

Mesh networking, self-configuration high-speed WiFi
Expand your business with one more W30E

Mesh technology supports automatic networking, no configuration required, fast deployment and automatic repair when the network fails. Mesh not only optimises the connection between routers, but also between routers and terminal devices for a smoother experience.

Comprehensive Internet behaviour management
Enabling efficient office networks

W30E supports URL filtering to restrict employees' access to certain websites, effectively regulating employees' online behaviour and enhancing their work efficiency. It also supports internet access time setting, one click configuration, effective in real time.

IP address

MAC address

Protocol port

URL address

More features for better performance

WEB Authentication
Speed Control
BSS Coloring
APP Management
WPA3 Encryption
TWT Technology
Multi-band Integration