CH7-WCA Firmware V21.5.2.12

Сопутствующие товары:CH7-WCA

Firmware Version: V21.5.2.12

Release Notes:

1. Optimized stability of WiFi connection.

2. Optimized accuracy of human/vehicle detection.

3. Fixed some known issues.


1. This firmware is only applicable to CH7-WCA. Please confirm the product model before upgrading.

2. Web UI upgrade: Download the upgrade firmware and unzip it. Log in to the web UI of the camera, navigate to System Management > System Maintenance > Device Upgrade > Local Upgrade, and select the .bin file of the upgrade file to upgrade your camera.

3. During upgrading, do not disconnect the network or cut off the power supply of the camera; it may cause upgrade fails or damage the camera.


Дата обновления:2024/2/4
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