M3 Firmware V1.0.0.6_EN

Сопутствующие товары:M3

Please choose the correct version to upgrade for the device to follow local country regulations
It is NOT suggested to upgrade firmware which is not for your region. 

Release Date 20160608

What is new features in version V1.0.0.6: 
1.New GUI, more user friendly 
2.Seperate one wireless policy to be SSID,RF and VLAN policy 
3.add AP username and password management feature 
4.add AP management VLAN editting feature 
5.add users statistic based on SSID and band 
6.add RSSI threshold feature 
7.add band steering feature 
8.Display SSIDs in 2.4G and 5G band with different color. 
Manage AP List 
W6(v1.0.0.8 or later) 
i6(v1.0.0.8 or later) 
i12(v1.0.0.10 or later) 
AP4(CE Version v1.0.0.12 or later)/(FCC Version v1.0.0.5 or later) 
AP5(v1.0.0.12 or later)
After upgrade firmware for M3, pleae upgrade the relevant firmware version to AP. 
If not,M3 can manage AP, but the policy applied to AP won‘t be activated. 


Дата обновления:2016/7/19
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