Question 1: How to migrate PPPoE account and password from old wireless router to AC10U
Answer: AC10U is in factory default setting. Connect AC10U LAN port with old router WAN port before powering on two routers. After AC10U LAN port lights and WAN port lights turn from blinking to solid (lasting for 3 seconds), the migration is successfully.
Question 2: Can AC10U do account and password migration with other brands besides Tenda?
Answer: Yes. If migration is failed, please contact Tenda Technical Support for help.
Question 3: How many clients can connect to AC10U at the same time?  
Answer: In the stable status, AC10U supports 30 devices, including PC, mobile phone, TV. The actual amount of the machine depends on network bandwidth, terminal device’s applications and data traffic and so on.
Question 4: How can AC10U extend upper invisible wireless signal in wireless repeating mode?
Answer: You can input upper wireless router SSID and password manually. Before doing this, please ensure information you input is correct.
Question 5: Why cannot use APP to manage AC10U ?
Answer: Only in routing mode can use App to manage AC10U. Wireless repeating mode and AP mode do not support App management.
Question 6: Wireless network speed is slow, what should I do ?
Answer: Under enough bandwidth, check factors such as distance, signal strength and interferences. Besides, change channel of 2.4G and 5G in management page.
Question 7: Does AC10U support Dual-wan?
Answer: So far it does not support.
Question 8: AC10U has 4 antennas, which one is 2.4GHz or 5GHz?
Answer: Two on both sides are 2.4G, two in the middle are 5G.
Question 9: What is frequency of 2.4G and 5G?
Answer: 2.4G: 300M, 5G: 867M.
Question 10: How many users can be added into MAC filter and virtual server?
Static IP address
Port forwardingvirtual server
Bandwidth Control
Parental Control
Static Route

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