Essential Entry Level
Wi-Fi6 ONT
Tenda, the professional FTTH solution provider

New Wi-Fi6 experience

HG15 can reach up to 1501M, a 38% higher peak rate than AC1200

Watch videos, immerse yourself in VR, play games with friends, watch live stream

Surf at your own pace without fear of lag


4*6dBi high-gain antennas,
broader coverage, faster network speed

Tenda Tenda Tenda

Easy Preset, Pre-Configuration

Reduce installation costs: customise default configurations for batch deployment to devices Reduce after-sales costs: after operational errors, it can be reset to ISP default configuration by Reset button

Good OLT compatibility

Tenda lab has conducted several compatibility tests on global mainstream OLT brands, such as Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome, NOKIA, CALIX, etc., to ensure that ONT is perfectly adapted to the ISP local environment

Enjoy the ultimate smooth network experience with Tenda OLT

A natural pair, a perfect match:
Tenda ONT models, capabilities, and other parameters are designed by the combined requirements of Tenda OLT. All functions and nodes are strictly tested with Tenda OLT. Naturally compatible.
More features support, customize as you like
Tenda OLT system supports private OMCI and remote management of Tenda ONT customized functions

Multi-scene FTTH solutions, rich terminal types to choose from

General residential living network
Office Network
Hotel Network
High-end residential commercial network
Wireless coverage network for government and enterprises
Video Surveillance Network