MW6-The Answers of Nova's Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What should I do if I cannot download the Tenda Wi-Fi app while scanning the QR Code on the installation guide?
A1: iOS mobile phone: search for Tenda Wi-Fi on App Store. Android mobile phone: search for Tenda Wi-Fi on Google Play.
Q 2: Can nova be set on web pages?
A 2: nova can be set only using the Tenda Wi-Fi app currently.
Q 3: How many nova units can be used together to establish a network?
A 3: A mesh network system can be composed of up to 10 nova units. Considering network stability, we recommend a maximum of 6 nova units.
Q 4: How many clients can connect to nova at the same time?
A 4: One nova unit can stably serve 30-35 clients, while a suite (containing 3 nova units) can serve up to 90-100 clients.
Q 5: If a single nova unit can serve 20 clients, can it be inferred that 6 nova units can serve 120 client?
A 5: The actual number of clients depends on the network bandwidth, applications, data traffic, and so on.
Q6: Can nova work with other products as a repeater?
A6: No. But nova supports the AP mode and routing mode. It can work as an AP when being connected via a cable to another product.
Q7: Can nova automatically establish a network with other vendors' mesh devices?
A7: No.
Q8: Can I apply multiple Wi-Fi network names and passwords to a nova mesh network system?
A 8: No. When you change the Wi-Fi network name and password of a mesh network system via the Tenda Wi-Fi app, the new name and password are applied to all the nova units in the system. You cannot change them for only one of the units.
Q9: Can nova synchronizes the Wi-Fi network name and password from its upstream router (from another vendor) that is connected to nova via an Ethernet cable?
A 9: No.
Q10: The nova suite contains 3 units. Which one is the primary or secondary unit before installation?
A10: The three units are the same. It is up to you to decide which one is primary unit.
Q11: After installing one nova unit, what should I do with the other nova units?
A11: You do not need to configure anything. Just place them in appropriate positions according to your application scenario and power them on. They will establish a network automatically.
Q12: Can a nova unit be used separately?
A12: Yes. But you need to remove the unit from its original network using the Tenda Wi-Fi app or the Reset button. (After the nova unit is completely started, hold down the Reset hole for about 20 seconds until its LED turns solid white, which indicates that it has been removed from the network.)
Q13: How many users can manage nova?
A13: If nova is not bound to the account of a user, multiple users can manage it locally. Otherwise, it can be managed locally and remotely only with the account.
Q 14: How can I bind nova with a user account?
A 14: While nova is managed by the Tenda Wi-Fi app, register an account and log in with the account on the app.
Q15: What are the network priorities if a nova mesh network system is connected to another network via an Ethernet cable?
A15: Wired network > 5 GHz network > 2.4 GHz network.
Q16: How can I completely reset a nova unit?
A16: After the nova unit is completely started, use a paper clip or another tool to hold down the Reset button at the bottom of the nova unit for about 20 seconds until its LED turns solid white. After this procedure, the nova unit is removed from its current network.
Q17: If two or more nova units are working separately, how can I establish a network with them?
A17: Hold down the Reset button of each nova unit for about 20 seconds until its LED turns solid white. Use the Tenda Wi-Fi app to set up an Internet connection with one of the units, and then power on the other units. For more details, please refer to “How to Add New Nova?”.
Q18: Can I change the wireless channel of nova?
A18: No. In order to ensure network stability, the wireless channel of the 2.4 GHz band is fixed to 6, and the wireless channel of the 5 GHz band is fixed to 40.
Q 19: Can I change the wireless encryption type for nova?
A 19: No. WPA2-PSK is required for seamless roaming. Therefore, the wireless encryption type is fixed to WPA2-PSK for nova.

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