PH3, a Gigabit PLC Adapter That Boasts Full Bandwidth Usage and Easy Cabling and Works Perfectly for IPTV

Some users encounter many problems when setting up their home networks. For example, the positions of ports are not properly designed, the number of ports is insufficient, the Wi-Fi coverage is weak, or the network cable is too short. All these problems related to cabling.

Although we can use methods such as the wireless repeater mode of a router for easier cabling, this method is not applicable to large apartments and fails to satisfy users who require high-speed networks.

Of source, the best ways to address these problems are to implement cabling using in-wall pipelines or open cabling. However, neither way is easy for an apartment whose interior decoration has been done. Now, we have found another solution, which requires no alteration to the walls or interior decoration of your apartment. More importantly, this solution is easy to use and applicable to any indoor environments. This solution is called Power Line Communication (PLC).

Tenda Gigabit PLC Adapters– PH3

The two adapters must be connected to the same electric circuit. Plug one adapter to a receptacle near your router and connect the RJ45 port of the adapter to a LAN port of your router. Plug the other adapter to the receptacle in the area where network coverage is required. In this way, the electric circuit functions as a data transmission medium, so that no additional cabling is required. You can get almost the same signal strength in different rooms and enjoy high-speed and stable network connections wherever a receptacle is available.

PLC turns electric cables into Ethernet cables. Can the PLC adapters transmit data quickly over electric cables? Absolutely they can.
Most mainstream PLC adapters available on the market offer a data rate of 500 Mbps, while some PLC adapters can reach a data rate of as high as 1000 Mbps. Tenda PH3 is one of the gigabit PLC adapters. It is equipped with one gigabit LAN port and offers a data rate of 1000 Mbps over electric cables. This data rate meets bandwidth requirements of most applications, allowing you to easily gain perfect experience of 4K IPTV programs and huge online games.

PH3 is powered by a Broadcom gigabit PLC chip and adopts a housing design technique for V0 fire protection. It has ventilation grids on both sides to improve cooling performance and stability.

Tenda PLC adapters are easy to use. They have been paired before delivery. You can use them to set up a network without any configuration after plugging them to receptacles.

Boasting a power conservation design, a fully loaded PH3 requires less than 3.2W to run properly. Its built-in intelligent detection function switches PH3 to the low power consumption mode when the clients connected to the adapter are shut down or idle. In this mode, PH3 reduces power consumption by as much as 88% to merely 0.36W.
Tenda PH3 PLC adapter is perfect for networking in large apartments with many rooms. It allows you to get lossless network signals without wall-damaging cabling efforts.