Tenda teamed up with Zubair Electronics in CONNECT

3-5 May 2011,Tenda teamed up with its agent Zubair Electronics to showcase Tenda products in CONNECT,a local professional telecommunications exhibition in Pakistan. The exhibition attracts 95 exhibitors including such international brands as Microsoft, Acer, Cisco, HP,IBM and Intel, etc from 13 countries covering Australia, Egypt, China, India, Kuwait, New Zealand, Pakistan, Republic of Malta, Romania, Slovakia, U.A.E, UK and USA. All exhibitors are well-known companies in Pakistani local communications sectors. “The main purpose of attending this exhibition is not looking for customers, but strengthening cooperation with our customer, boosting Tenda brand image and enlarging market share, and we have reached these aims”, said Tony Han, Sales Manager of Middle East from Tenda.

The exhibition received four television interviews, including CNBC, the most well-known TV channel in Karachi. When interviewed, Tony Han highlighted customer’s tremendous capability and strength, Tenda’s headquarters, Tenda profile,as well as the upcoming marketing plan (covering advertising, exhibitions, magazines, newspapers, discounts, incentives, etc.) . He also briefed on the prosperous results achieved last year and the strong marketing strategy to take in 2011 in Pakistan striving for Pakistan’s top brand.

During the exhibition, about 30 customers reached a preliminary cooperation intention with ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS, and one of them placed a trial and test order of about 1K.

SPIDER, Pakistan's largest electronic magazine, (which covers almost every shop in the electronics market,) reached cooperation with ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS in the exhibit to advertise Tenda products. In addition, advertisement on roadside billboards and newspaper are also being elaborately planned so as to bring home to Pakistani Tenda brand.

“Pakistan is a very potential market, which is a paradise for consumer electronics. To completely tap into it, we must do well particularly in two ways: 1, establishing an overwhelmingly completive price system; 2, adopting and executing strong marketing strategy and activities”, said Tony Han. He is also promoting ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS’s presence in ITCN exhibition of September. Taking into account that Tenda has done well in Karachi, later, ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS and Tony Han will gradually shift the focus to the neighboring cities centering on Lahore so as to achieve complete presence of Tenda products in every corner of Pakistan market.

Zubair Grouop is the leader of technology innovator in electronics, information and communications products. Zubair Electronics is one of the region’s largest reseller of Multimedia Products, Computing Accessories and Power control systems.

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