Introducing Dual-Band Wireless N Series at Computex 2010

Shenzhen—May 8, 2010 With Computex 2010 is upcoming, as part of its go-internationally program, Shenzhen Tenda Technology Co., Ltd, a fast-growing manufacturer for home networking devices, will be again present there at the event from June 1-5.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI has become the largest computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world, next to CeBIT in Germany. Each year, a number of buyers, observers, analysts and journalists of computer and information industries from worldwide come to this event to to discover and report the latest technologies, developments, and trends.

For this event, Tenda will be introducing its latest items dual band wireless n series that consists of 450Mbps wireless routers and wireless adapters. The Series uses dual band technology to support 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless signals at the same time. It can use the relatively wide-open spaces of 5GHz in order to achieve higher speeds while offering the most compatibility with all four wireless standards (a .b .g and n). This means you can check email and browse the Internet using the 2.4GHz while simultaneously streaming High-Definition movies and other media on the 5GHz band. In addition, the Tenda® Dual Band N Series reduces the possibility of interference from appliances and cordless phones that use the 2.4GHz band. It meets the Ultimate Performance for Home Networking.

Other products will be on display include

  1. 1. 3G Routers
  2. 2. Wireless LAN
  3. 3. Ethernet Switches
  4. 4. ADSL CPE
  5. 5. Cablings

Exhibition Info:
Date: June 1—5, 2010
Location: Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taibei
Booth Number: M126,M128,and M130