Tenda Successfully Passed through BV Auditing

Recently, Tenda technology Co., Ltd. accepted “Supplier Capability Assessment” which was carried on by Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services division (referred to as BV) in collaboration with Global Sources. Auditor truly recorded all investigation information and reported all discoveries during auditing and checking. The objective of validating supplier information is to provide additional confidence to buyers because the information has been verified by BV as an independent third party.

After a few days, Tenda smoothly passed through strict BV checking and got BV report which No. is 10091800424. The criteria used to assess the “Supplier Capability Assessment” program consist of a questionnaire with ten categories. The questionnaire includes “Factory Overview, Legal Entity, Personnel, Export Markets, Key Clients, Product Capabilities, Production Capabilities, Management Systems & Accreditations, Quality Control Management, Development / Expansion Plans”.

Achieving the report confirms Tenda standardize in daily production and at the same time confirms Tenda has the abilities to be the leading WLAN supplier around the world.