CES 2009 Jan 8th – 11th is held by the U.S. Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (the CEA)just closed.It is an annual exhibition in January at the world famous exhibition city - Las Vegas, The CES is the world's largest, impact of the most widely in consumer electronics technology exhibition, and it is the world's largest consumer technology industry event as well.

CES 2009 

as China largest 11n wireless networking products manufacturer, Shenzhen Tenda Technology Co., Ltd. also attended the event and succeeded in CES on displaying their products, including the latest successful development of the rich content of its own high-tech innovation of its own "Tenda" brand TEG3224T 24 switch and the latest 11N wireless routers and USB adapters, and owns more than 10,000 daily trips visitors came to Tenda booth Advisory Tenda related products, they showed great interest in Tenda products especially in Tenda 11N wireless products

Wireless Products

Enterprise Products 

CES 2009

At this Exhibition, our representatives gave out the warm reception to dealers around the world, including Tenda agents all over the world, and further getting to know a large number of strong networking products distributors, our representatives had cordial and warm conversations and exchanging views with them. And also had friendly talks with all distributors coming from each state of U.S, and patiently and carefully introduced Tenda products to them. By leaving business cards to keep in touch, the U.S distributors also expressed their great interest in distributing Tenda products at their local market. The show of Tenda products on CES further expanded its sales and laid a solid foundation in the U.S. market. Meantime, Tenda brand looking for agents in the United States has made substantial progress in the breakthrough. Most importantly, through this Show, Tenda brand is further got to know by cognitive dealers around the world. The show of Tenda products on CES achieved complete success.