New Release, Tenda Wi-Fi 7 Products World Debuted at CES 2023

As expected, the world famous consumer electronics show, CES 2023, was grandly held in Las Vegas. In this high-profile technology show, Tenda debuted at CES 2023 with the latest Wi-Fi 7 series products. The new products are firmly believed to bring extraordinary network experience to users!

Undoubtedly, the evolution of Wi-Fi technology has successfully advanced the key development of technology industry. Every generation of new technology has a great impact on everyone’s career, entertainment and life.

Therefore, Tenda has forged brand-new network system facing the future, for those pioneer users who are pursuing brilliant network experience. Keeping up with the time, we are making effort to bring the charms of future technology to consumers ahead of time.

Before getting to know about the latest products of Tenda Wi-Fi 7 series, let’s firstly appreciate the charms of Wi-Fi 7.

Tips: Wi-Fi 7 is known as the 7th generation wireless network. Its transmission speed can be up to 46Gbps, almost equivalent of 5 times the Wi-Fi 6 maximum speed 9.6Gbps. Wi-Fi 7 adopts 320MHz bandwidth and 4K quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) technology to improve spectrum utilization. Meanwhile, it supports 16 data streams, and the 8 channels can be expanded to 16 channels, which is a real fast channel in the true sense.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi 7 not only includes 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band, but also adds 6 GHz band. It also supports Multi-Link Operation (MLO) technology. Three bands can be used simultaneously.

World debut of latest Tenda Wi-Fi 7 series products!

TE60 Pro | Tenda BE19000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 7 Router

Under the stylish look of TE60 Pro, it is equipped with Broadcom 2.6GHz first-class CPU. The excellent Wi-Fi 7 feature allows it to has an extreme tri-band concurrency speed up to 19000Mbps. The 8 high-gain antenna and 12 external high-performance signal enhancing module even make the signal coverage of TE60 Pro reach a top level.

It is worth mentioning that TE60 Pro is equipped with 2x10G network ports and 3x2.5G network ports, which can totally satisfy the need of upgrading future network.

EE60 Pro | Tenda BE19000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 7 Mesh

As the representative of Wi-Fi for villa, EE60 Pro has a remarkable appearance design. It’s likewise equipped with Broadcom 2.6GHz first-class CPU. It supports Wi-Fi 7 and 12 built-in high-gain antenna, making it fit in all kind of oversized house types with ease. The tri-band concurrency speed is up to 19000Mbps, and 3 packs of EE60 Pro makes signal coverage even close to 1000 square meters!

A36 | Tenda BE9400 Tri-band Wi-Fi 7 Extender

A36 in other way is made for complicated home environments. With the support of Wi-Fi 7 and Broadcom 2.6GHz first-class CPU, A36 can solve such problems as distant location, many barriers, and large Wi-Fi loss. This makes everyone able to enjoy the high speed and full coverage of Wi-Fi 7 in the true sense.