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It is not yet clear whether we have managed to flatten the curve (of the spread of Covid-19 virus). However, by all accounts, mandatory social distancing, wearing of masks and nation-wide lockdowns are probably the wisest decisions that Governments around the world have taken to help contain the spread. The flip side of the lockdown is of course the economic and social challenges that we are already dealing with. It is really a difficult choice that lies before the Government and countries like the UK, India, China, France, Italy, New Zealand and Poland, having implemented the world’s largest and most restrictive mass quarantine. With this, many companies have decided on a suitable approach for their employees and people are settling into the rhythm of “working from home”.

A shift from in-person meetings to video calls, have also been adopted by many networking groups to keep members in touch to support one another through this difficult time. People are harnessing the power of video conferencing to stay connected with colleagues, showcase expertise, and generate leads through webinars. Due to the lockdown — schools, colleges and other educational institutions have also been remained closed. The e-learning approach is the new normal for tens of thousands of students throughout cities and towns. Learning through their computers and smartphones as teachers start to utilise online apps for lectures, tutorials and assessments.

As much as it may seem convenient working from home, it brings its own challenges. A patchy internet connection due to outdated home installed routers can disrupt your flow of working from home. Not to mention the increase in more devices being simultaneously connected to the existing network. Platforms used for webinars and online classes such as — Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts need a lag free internet connection, not just to attend lectures, but also to record them for future reference.

In order to overcome bad connection, a high specification Wi-Fi router with dual or tri-band capabilities is important. You can choose between 2.4GHz range (for long-range, yet lower top end bandwidth speed) and 5GHz (short range, yet can provide massive bandwidth) depending on your needs. A better wireless router gives you better control over your home network experience.

You can also optimise your home Wi-Fi with the latest generation of mesh networking. If you have a Mid sized / large home — at least 1500 to 3,000 square feet — or one with an unusual layout, more than two stories or interior brick walls, you probably regularly encounter Wi-Fi dead zones. This is where a mesh-router system is needed. A mesh network can be as big or small as you wish it to be. Because each node is just a single module in the overall network, you can always add or take them away as and when you feel necessary. There's minimal setup involved in adding a new node too. After-all not having well-equipped networking solution at home can cause a temporary decrease in work efficiency.

As the situation continues to spread globally, companies will have to ensure that they have a solid remote infrastructure in place. The Covid-19 pandemic may have forced us to work from home but data from various sources clearly indicates that working from home is a trend that will continue to grow in the future. It has a number of important benefits such as eliminating long commutes, providing flexibility in working patterns, attracting talent around the globe, reducing of costs for physical office space, etc. Therefore, companies and employees, embracing the change and investing in better networking solutions will truly benefit in terms of productivity.

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