Tenda i2x Series Access Points - Powerful Solution For Modern Businesses

(*i2x series indicates the products Tenda i24, i25 and i27 access points)

In an increasingly mobile workplace, providing secure,high-speed wireless connectivity to employees and guests is more important than ever.  One can surely understand the importance of Wi-Fi access points at business place.

Tenda's i2x series which consists of i24, i25 and i27 are powerful wireless solution designed to meet the needs of modern mainstream businesses with the latest IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 technology for wireless speeds up to 1317 Mbps.Industrial-grade performance and build quality combined with user-friendly operation, super-fast wireless speed, an extensive feature set and a practical,ceiling-mount design make an ideal dual-band solution for enterpriseenvironments.

For businesses that demand security, flexibility and speed; Tenda's i2x series have a wide range of potential applications from office environments to schools,campuses, hotels and hospitals. Multiple SSIDs can be configured for different departments or user groups. Fast roaming for seamless transitions between access points, Power over Ethernet support (PoE) and an intuitive web-based management interface provides flexibility for deployment and extensive management options for company MIS departments and network administrators.

Designed for today's performance-intensive applications, the i2x series employs 802.11n wireless technology to deliver high output and extended range throughout the office. The access point from i2x series are simple to set up and use, with intuitive wizard-based configuration to get you up and running in minutes. A sleek, compact design with flexible mounting options for ceiling enables the access point to smoothly blend into any business environment. Below are some of the advantages of i2x access point series:-

IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 and MU-MIMO Technology

A single access point can communicate with multiple wireless clients at one time, letting you enjoy higher performance and better experience.

More user access

An ordinary wireless router can only support 10-20 user access, while access points are able to allow over 50 or even hundreds of user access, and what's more, it has stronger ability to send and receive signals. Especially in a large area needing wireless coverage, an access points have more advantage than a wireless router.

Gigabit internet connections for ultra-fast experience

I2x series access points can give up to 1317 Mbps dual-band data rate, and 1000 Mbps Ethernet port which let's you enjoy ultra-fast internet connections.


Built-in omni-directional antennas

The optimized antennas make it outstanding in radiating wireless signals and broadening wireless coverage. Generally, the range of signal transmission that a wireless router can cover is just dozens of meters, and if beyond this range, signal will be lost. Nevertheless, an access point can cover further distances, up to 300-500 meter sq., and the increase of wireless access point will extend signal coverage proportionally, which enables users to roam freely in the network. Especially for enterprises, their office space is usually larger, and even some need to communicate across the buildings, and the number of users accessing the network is so large that they need larger wireless network coverage, thus avoiding management of cabling.

Dual-band for more connected clients

Allows users to support either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band, or both to connect to it at the same time, tripling the quantity of connected clients of traditional single-band access points.

Multiple interference-mitigation technologies

Powered by multiple interference-mitigation technologies, i2x access points automatically chooses the best channel and adjusts the transmit power to a reasonable value which significantly optimizes wireless signals by mitigating co-channel interference and electro-magnetic interference (EMI).

VLAN tagging for SSID

Allows users to set multiple SSIDs and enable to add VLAN tags for SSIDs with the IEEE 802.11q VLAN-compliant feature so as to protect the security of your network.

Centralized management

Allows users to configure and manage multiple access points in a centralized manner through all Tenda access controllers (AC) and enterprise routers that include AC functionality which let you enjoy simple management, configuration and monitoring of all access points.It is known that except home networking, wireless networking in commercial locations often involves the use of many wireless devices, and different networking patterns should be adopted based on the environment and requirements. The networking mode of the wireless router is relatively single with low flexibility. On the contrary, an access point has a variety of modes for you to choose and it can be managed in a centralized way with the cooperation of wireless access point controller.

When performance and security are critical for your business,you need products that are engineered for your industry. Tenda's i2x series is designed to help your business and provide the connectivity that you rely on every day, with safety and effectiveness guaranteed.

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