What Solution Is Best For Your Home Wi-Fi System

There are couple of things that are essential in modern connected world. For me, the number one is internet speed as everyone wants to make sure it should be fast and reliable and available in every corner of your home. Now in order for me to do this, I need a Mesh network because my house a slightly over 6000sq.ft over three stories.

If you're not familiar with what mesh network is then let me explain. It’s simple design means that have nodes placed throughout your home it looks similar to the mage on the right. The reason you put these three nodes throughout your home is, depending on the size and shape of your home, to provide a strong Wi-Fi signal that can reach every corner. 

So a lot of people confuse Mesh Network with access points which is a completely different technology.  Access points are essentially two routers that are kind of fighting for your connection.  For example if you are  in the middle of these two routers then one of them will try to take that connection over the other which causes a conflict. When this happens you start to get very ‘spotty’ connection.  These Mesh nodes from Tenda have a seamless handoff so that when you go from one area to another it's not going to break that internet connectivity. No conflict, better roaming and extended quality coverage.

I have been using Nova MW6 from Tenda and what sparked my interest was the price. Most Mesh networks currently available will cost several hundred dollars and if the cost is prohibitive then you end up compromising by purchasing an extender or repeater. The Tenda Nova series is actually most affordable option providing you whole home Wi-Fi and with some extra features and smartphone app to manage your Wi-Fi.  

If you live in a smaller home or an apartment you can start with MW3 or MW5 or even with a MW3 two node pack.  Nova series is customizable and scalable you can buy additional Nova units as your WiFi needs grow

In addition to this the setup process is fast and easy, just plug and play! In the box you get a router and two Mesh nodes and all you have to do is connect power to each and connect one of the nodes by the Ethernet cable provided to your modem/router/hub.

Setup process probably takes about two or three minutes then I downloaded the Tenda App which is available for iOS and Android. Connect the first device to the modem then place a node on the first floor and finally placed the third node on the 3rd floor. By following the instructions on the Tenda App I can see the network come to life and can now name each node according to its location.  

So no matter where I am in my home by completing a speed test I was getting consistent speaks throughout whether I was on the third floor, second floor or even the first floor.

Tenda App   also allows you to do things like block unknown devices form your Wi-Fi, put a time restriction to any specific user or device, you can create a guest network and use other advanced features. But the best part about it is that  Tenda make it so easy to use, that anybody can do this!  Also the design blends in or fits with your home interior, if you place the nodes in the living room in the kitchen area or even in the bedroom then it's going to blend in really well.

I recommend you do something right now. Go throughout your home and run a speed test to see if you have any dead zones or inconsistent speed. If you do then now  is probably a great time to pick up a mesh network similar to this because this is very easy to set up and also affordable.