4 Cat6 UTP twisted pairs designed for engineering
ISO/IEC 11801, TIA-568-C.2 and YD/T1019
Oxygen-free copper with a diameter of 0.57 mm
Insulated copper
PE of high density is used for insulation with a insulation diameter of 1.02±0.03 mm.
Protective cover
Color: Blue (Pantone285C)
Protective cover OD:Φ6.2 m
Depth: 0.65 mm±0.05 mm (PVC)
Copper color
1st pair: White (Blue)/Blue
2nd pair: White (Orange)/Orange
3rd pair: White (Green)/Green
4th pair: White (Brown)/Brown
Physical features
Before aging: Tensile strength: (Mpa)≥13.5, Elongation: (%) ≥150
Aging conditions: (℃×hrs) 100℃×24h×10d
After aging: Tensile strength: (Mpa)≥12.5, Elongation (%): (%)≥125
Cold bending (-15±2℃×4 hrs), 8 times larger than the outer diameter of the Ethernet cable to prevent cracking
Electrical properties
oltage level for testing: 1 KV, without breakdown
Dielectric withstand test: 1 KV/m, without breakdown
DC resistance: 20℃ (Ω/100 m) max9.38
DC Resistance Unbalance (%): max5.0
415*415*220 mm
Operating Environment:Temperature:-20℃~70℃,Operating humidity(10~90)%RH, non-condensing
Storage Environment:Normal temperature for 20 years