Push Your Limits With Tenda’s Range Extenders

Food, clothing, shelter and Wi-Fi! These are the modern day least basic requirements of a human being. Hoping that you are pretty satisfied with the first three, let’s talk about Wi-Fi connection. Obviously, I don’t have to convince you that why you need a Wi-Fi connection but I can emphasize on the fact that why you should have reliable Wi-Fi connection which doesn’t goes off when you need the most. Slower surfing speed and unsteady connections can give you a really hard time while browsing the web. A slow Wi-Fi signal is so frustrating that it can turn you into a murderer.

When you have a bigger space to cover try to set up the router in the center of your home and try not to place any metal objects nearby the router as metal dissolves the electromagnetic energy. Ceilings of your home help in the transmission of the signal, but the walls absorb the radiation and act as border patrol. Also having a microwave near the router or using a microwave might slow down your internet speed as operating frequencies of the both are approximately the same. Radiation escaping microwave can interrupt the signal. The radio waves from the routers reach out and downwards from the source so it is ideal to set up the router higher from the floor while positioning the antenna upwards will help the signals to reach farther. 

One of the best possible ways which can help you to improve the strength of your Wi-Fi signal and gain maximum speed out of your router is by having Wi-Fi Range Extenders.

Wi-Fi Range Extender is a device that widens the Wi-Fi signals from the router. Although they perform independently, Wi-Fi Range Extender emits the signal forward and increases its range so that the connected devices can receive signals in the dead zones too. It boosts the signal from the router and increases its reach. You must know where to place the Wi-Fi Range Extender as it is very much important for its performance. The best position to place an extender is in the middle of your Wi-Fi router and your device. The extender should always be inside the range of the router. A Wi-Fi range extender is a cost-effective small device which needs to be plugged in a power source and ready for smooth Wi-Fi experience. 

Tenda’s Wi-Fi range Extenders, A9 and A18 are one of the best Wi-Fi Range Extender you could possibly have. These are very affordable and also easy to use. These devices have got a convenient wall-plug design which saves your space and it works with any standard Wi-Fi router. A9 gives up to 300 Mbps where else A18 gives up to AC1200 Mbps speed and its external antennas provide you a better Wi-Fi coverage thus providing reliable coverage in dead zones and also even in hard to reach areas. These Wi-Fi range extenders have a smart signal light which helps you to find out the perfect place for this device to get strong signal.

The A9 Range Extender is a 300Mbps wireless Range Extender which can connect to any brand of router and that’s why we call it Universal Range Extender. With 2 external 3dBi antennas it can boost your Wi-Fi coverage and kill the Wi-Fi dead zones. It's One Button Extension can extend Wi-Fi immediately by pressing the wireless router's WPS button.


The A18 is an AC1200 dual band antenna that provides both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks and can automatically select high-quality channels for you when signals fluctuate and keeps your devices online even when on the move by switching to the network with stronger signals. It comes with Elegant and Compact Appearance which can complement your house interior. It also has an Ethernet port which connects wired devices such as for game console, smart TV, or streaming player to your Wi-Fi network. 

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