IP Camera, A Modern Necessity!

What makes an IP camera the best surveillance camera? For that you must first need to understand the purpose of using an IP camera. The purposes of your surveillance system must include safety, reduced theft, improved productivity, or reducing liability. It also includes how quickly you need to be notified of an alarm condition.

Safety and security have become a very important objective for surveillance camera systems and the latest intelligent IP cameras provide advanced analytics that increases not only your security but also provides new functionalities for more effective use. IP cameras become your first line of defence against active shooter situations and increased domestic terrorism or rather in a completely different scenario, wherein you may only need to record the video to determine how many people are in the store or working in the office.

An IP camera must have a certain level of performance to meet your purposes before considering buying it in first place. An IP camera’s performance must include high resolution video quality, low-light capability or in other words night vision, wide dynamic range, indoor or outdoor environment compatibility, two-way audio, motion alarm and cloud storage.

 IP cameras that provide immediate notifications are the real hero which forms a complete part of an IP camera system. What can be better than an easy-installed app, which allows you to receive alarming notifications directly on your mobile phone.

 Let us learn how an IP camera can help you in various ways:

1. Supervising your little ones

Parents are always concerned about the safety of their babies. An IP camera will definitely provide a sense of relief where they can watch their babies when they far away from them.

2. Reduce Liability

There are people who make false insurance claims against organizations. IP Cameras can help prevent this type of behaviour. Insurance companies sometimes provide certain benefits when cameras are installed in the premises and it also allows them to easily contest malicious claims.

3. Catch a Criminal

Do you want to find out who’s stealing your stuff? You or your company must not suffer due to un-monitored theft or robbery. A good IP camera system will keep you aware of what happens at your home or at your office and react quickly to prevent such theft. Also a strict action can be taken against an employee with an inappropriate behaviour with strong evidence.

4. Improve Productivity

We would all like to improve productivity because it’s very important for business success. Cameras can help to keep people productive and on their best behaviour.

5. Two-way Communication

Two-way audio capability allows you to use your IP camera by managing a remote office. Thus traveling expense can be saved by using an IP camera wherein you can talk to the people as well as see what’s going on.

Keeping in mind the above factors, Tenda has developed modern IP cameras which surely fit all the requirements you would possibly need. This new range of indoor and outdoor IP cameras from Tenda are best in high quality resolution, 360 degree view, night vision, motion alarm and cloud storage.

This range of IP cameras include C80s, C80 and C8. C80s and C80 are mainly designed for home security with powerful features such as video quality of 1080p @ 25 fps, Pan/tilt with horizontal and vertical rotation, distance of 10 meter with IR-LED illumination, Wi-Fi and Ethernet compatibility, Built-in microphone and speaker which is meant for two-way communication, motion detection and an app for remote view. Whereas, the C8 is designed majorly for outdoor use. The C8 is an IP66 certified IP camera which is reliable, durable and waterproof in all type of weather, be it sunny, rainy or snowy.  

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