What should I do if 5G NR Router cannot detect the SIM card

What should I do if my Tenda 5G NR Router cannot detect the SIM card

If your router cannot detect the SIM card, the information you see should be as follows:


When doing the following steps, please pay attention to whether the status of the screenshot of the above web page changes

Step 1: Reinsert the SIM card, making sure it is inserted correctly and securely

Step 2: Restart the 5G NR Router with the SIM card still inserted into the device, log in to the web page again to check the status

Step 3: Please test the SIM card on your smartphone to make sure the SIM card itself is working properly.

Step 4: If you have another SIM card, try inserting it, it is indeed not a problem with the card slot of the device.

Step 5: Please press the RST button at the bottom of the device until all the LTE lights are on and release it, try to check the identification status of the SIM card after restoring the factory settings

After you do the above troubleshooting, if still no internet access, you will need to contact Tenda support to further troubleshoot your concern. You can contact support.fwa

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