How to do when U9 network card can not automatically install the driver

Scene 1: Do not set the computer system to be AutoPlay  (Control Panel - AutoPlay – Use AutoPlay for all media and devices). After the card is inserted, the installation prompt will not pop up automatically. You need to install it manually.
Step 1: Manually install the driver.
    1.   Open ‘Computer’, find the ‘CD Drive (E:) Wireless’, click ‘open’.

2.   In the list, double-click the ‘Setup’ application to start installing the driver.

    3.   Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and then disappear. The driver installation is complete and you can connect the signal to the access the Internet.

Scene 2: The computer cannot recognize the CD drive. Please refer to the following operation (using Windows 7 as an example):

     A, click on the desktop "Start" icon, select the ‘Control Panel’.
B, Click ‘Uninstall a program’.
C, find and uninstall other installed drive-free driver of the network card, and then re-insert U9, you can start the installation.

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