Q1System Requirement?
Answer: Compatible with WindowsXP/7/8/8.1/10.
Q2What is Auto-Install Wireless Adapter?
Answer: With internal drive, U9 can automatically complete installation once plugged into your computer. Releasing you from
troublesome configuration and installation using CD or drive.
Q3Can U9 use in MAC and linux system?
Q4: If customer want to use Adapter in MAC and linux system, what should they do?
AnswerPlease refer to U12, U6, U1, W311MA (With drive installation)
Q5Wireless Security of U9
Q6Can U9 used as SoftAP mode?
AnswerYes, internal drive does not have UI interface, please download other third-party software such as CM free WiFi, 360 free WiFi.
Q7Cannot pop up installation driven page, what should I do?
AnswerCan install manually. Computer> CD (CD drive) > tap the Setup application to install. (you can check related FAQ on official website)
Q8If Anti-Virus Software blocks installation, what should I do?
Answer: Please exit Anti-Virus Software during installation.
Q9PC pops up “Failed to install devices drive” even you finish drive installation, what should I do?
AnswerThe application will not be affected. System will install or update the drive when PC can access the internet.
Q10Whether Letv can be use with U9?
Answer: Please ask Letv company for help to confirm if U9 drive is installed in Letv.
Q12Whether U9 can be used in laptop? Network delay when playing LOL?
AnswerMMORPG requires network performance with high quality. Please make sure working with less WiFi signal interference.
Q13Signal Rate of U9
Answer5GH: 433Mbps2.4GH: 200Mbps with 256QAM techniques. (Router must support 256QAM techniques).
Q14USB port of U9
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