U6-Others FAQ

Q1: Driver installation fails or the driver cannot work properly. What should I do?
A1:  If a dialog box appears to require a file when you install the driver on Windows XP, click OK to continue installing the driver.
   ❷  During installation, if a dialog box appears asking you whether to block the current installation operation, do not block the operation.
   ❸  If the wireless USB adapter fails to work properly after being installed, try reinstalling it.
Q2: The wireless USB adapter fails to connect to a WiFi network. What should I do?
A2:    Verify that the WiFi password is correct.
    ❷  If you connect the wireless USB adapter to the WiFi network by manually entering WiFi information, verify that the WiFi name, security mode, encryption type, and WiFi password are correct.
Q3: WPS negotiation between the wireless USB adapter and a router fails. What should I do?
A3:   Reduce as much blockage and interference between the wireless USB adapter and the router as possible.
   ❷ Verify that the WPS function of the router is enabled. (For details, refer to the user guide for the router.)
   ❸ Verify that the LED indicator of the wireless USB adapter blinks fast during WPS negotiation.

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